April 2023

  • Welcome to Wadi Degla

    we believe in:

    • Acquiring the leadership position

      by daring to explore new avenues of development so that it remains in the forefront of its industry.

    • Creating a diversified portfolio...

      by creating a bouquet of multifaceted operations encompassing everything from sports facilities, telecommunications, and real estate developments to financial services, and through expanding into new market segments and geographic territories

    • Building lifetime relationships with our customers and communities

      by setting high quality standards from which we never back down, which help to keep our projects top-notch,our customers happy and the community evolving.

    • Encouraging the teamwork spirit

      by instilling the spirit of collaborative teamwork

      in our employees.

    • Growing through innovation and creativity

      by being unconventional, visionary and bold in our constant search for innovative ideas and creative business solutions.

    • Finding our place in the world

      through our beliefs which inspire our development, inform our decision-making and guide our actions,which therefore help shape our identity, give us a personality and leave our mark in the world.

  • Our Projects