Wadi Degla Clubs is where you can learn the basics of Gymnastics and develop your skills as well as your talent at all levels of challenge.


Gymnastics is a sport for fun, fitness and challenge, you can earn outstanding skills while getting a strong and flexible body, it also helps develop healthy minds and bodies.


Children of age 3 years are welcome to join.


The following skills could be gained with the practice of Gymnastics:


  • Physical agility, balance and coordination
  • Improved cognitive abilities
  • Fostering the value of self-discipline

              Gymnastic activities offered:


Wadi Degla clubs strives to develop the skills and talents of Gymnastics players, as well as offer guidance in preparation for competition at all levels (from local/regional levels to national and international levels) in the following areas of Gymnastics:


o   Artistic Gymnastics:


Both male and female participants have access to Vault and Floor exercise events.


Events available for male participants only:

Pommel Horse

Still Rings

Parallel Bars

High Bar


Events available for female participants only:

Uneven Bars

Balance Beam




Wadi Degla Clubs participated in and hosted numerous championships, in addition to producing a number of promising champions, like: Shereen El Zieny

Wadi degla sporting club came up among the top three in all gymnastics championships.



o   Rhythmic Gymnastics:


Exclusively for female participants.


Available Events:


Free-style events as well as those using ball, hoop and clubs.




Wadi Degla Clubs participated in Heliopolis international championship of Greece and Dubai 1st international championship, in addition to producing a number of promising champions, like: Habiba Marzouk (ranked 1st in 2016 African championship)